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Alex Casillas

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Quickly generate a QR code for any use that you need. You can also add a small custom image in the center of it to further personalize it ✨

☝️ What Quick QR has to offer?

✨ Quick and easy QR code creation

Create a QR code in a second!
Or customize it in two seconds 😎

🔥 Transform your business with mobile-friendly QR codes

The post-COVID era is the era of the QR, share your business information via mobile-friendly QR codes, like your menus 🍔

🌍 Create, share, and connect with QR Codes

Save the generated QR or copy and then paste it everywhere!

⭐ Stand out with branded QR codes

Add your custom image at the center of the QR code to stand out and brand your QRs

🎨 Unleash your creativity with custom QR codes

Be able to add a custom image to the QR to stand out!


Eternal gratitude for supporting the project ❤️

€2 a month

Quick QR Support